Shorter folks need their work surfaces a bit closer to the floor and taller folks need 'em a bit higher. That's where the "CUSTOM" in Custom Wooden Workspaces comes into play.

    Work Stations

    The workbench or work station is the center of all the craftsmanship you undertake. Imagine if you could easily move your workbench, or parts of it closer to your project! A workbench can be a permanently installed work surface or, to make it more flexible, it can include features that allow it to fold against a wall, have detachable mobile bays for additional work surfaces, or it can be an entire mobile work island you can move anywhere within your workspace. Whatever your need, let's get together to design the workbench that can work for you.

    Tool Storage and Cabinets

    Whether you use bench tools, hand tools or, like me, a combination of both, they need a home. If you like to have your tools close or mobile, there's a cabinet, cart, or mobile chest for you. If you like your tools hung on a wall, there are a multitude of configurations for hanging tool cabinets. Check out the flip-top cart for essentially mounting two tools in one place!


    QUILTERS, SEWING ENTHUSIASTS, SCRAPBOOKERS, AND STAMPERS UNITE - around a craft center or sewing cabinet that has more places for those patches, pieces, and blocks, not to mention all the shelves for those scraps, stamps, bolts, and plenty of drawers for the stores! Need a slide-out ironing surface? I can do that! You sewing enthusiasts can consolidate space with a collapsible mobile sewing center, and let's not forget you scrapbookers and stampers. I've seen what you can do with a piece of paper. HOW ABOUT YOU GAMERS?  Need a large platform with storage for those large layouts?  Do any of you need something more unique? Call or email me with your questions or ideas!


    Filling up a room with "stuff" and closing the door only works until you open the door and a bunch of that "stuff" falls out on you or until you can't get in the room any more. If you need shelves for books, tapes, DVD's, or baskets, cedar lined chests for clothes, or a simple "chest of drawers" let's "de-clutter" that space.