Welcome to Custom Wooden Workspaces where flexibility is created one space at a time! There are three aspects of flexibility that can allow you to take the greatest advantage of your work or craft space. They are Mobility, Versatility, and Compact-Ability.

    If you have a space in your home, garage, shop, office, business, etc. and need to create more space in those spaces, let's work together to make that space work for you with custom designs that suit your needs.

    • Mobility allows you to move your tools, craft, or work surface (with your project) to where you need them or move them out of the way when you're done for the day.
    • Versatility allows you to maximize the efficiency and organization of your work or craft space.
    • Compact-ability allows you to just put more "stuff" in one place.

    Now imagine your work or craft space with all three of these advantages working for you!

    So, what’s On Your Mind?